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Find out why so many users rate this 130-pound tow behind broadcast spreader with rain cover as best in class

If you need a quality tow behind broadcast spreader for salt, seed, fertilizer or other granular material, the Precision Products TBS6000RDOS 6-Series 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader with Rain Cover is likely to fit the bill.

Made in the USA by Precision Products Inc of Lincoln Illinois, this tow broadcast spreader is almost universally rated very highly by those who use it. Read on to find out why.

Features at a glance

Model Number: TBS6000RD
Capacity: 130 lbs / 2,827 Cu In
Frame: 1 inch powder coated steel tubing
Body: Heavy duty plastic
Wheels: 15 inch treaded turf tires
Hitch: Universal hitch with hitch pin included
Swathe: 10 to 12 inches
Control: Finger tip cable Control
Gears: Durable metal with grease fitting
Size: 31 x 20.5 x 30 inches
Weight: 43 pounds

What can it do?

The TBS6000RD can be used with almost any tractor, lawn or garden tractor or ATV to quickly spread granular material as required anywhere on your property.

Typically used for fertilizing, many people use this broadcast spreader to carry out a variety of functions throughout the year. In winter, it can be used to spread salt for ice melting and in spring, summer and autumn for fertilizer, lime, seed, weed-killers and so on.

The hopper has a capacity of 130lbs (or 2,927 cubic inches), although Precision recommends that you only operate the spreader with a maximum of around 120lbs of material per load.

Full instructions are provided by Precision as to the settings to be used to achieve the appropriate application rates for various materials. But be aware that there is always a degree of trial and error involved in getting the setting right for whatever material you are using, as the size and consistency of granules can vary, even between packs of the same brand.

What is its construction like?

This is where the Precision TBS6000RD scores highly. It is a rugged piece of machinery built to handle all terrains.

The hopper is made of durable polypropylene which will not rust or decay. It is fitted with a cover that operates both to keep the rain off and to keep the material in the hopper while your spreader is in operation.

A stainless steel adjustable spreader plate allows you to control the spread pattern and adjust the direction 10 to 12 inches left and right. There is also a steel mesh fitted to the bottom of the hopper to prevent clogging.

The control handle is easily reached from a tractor seat and is constructed of one inch diameter tubular steel. The spreader features has tough metal gears, enclosed in metal casing, with easy access grease fittings.

One of the most notable features of a Precision tow behind broadcast spreader is its stability. Almost without exception, users praise the ability of the spreader to maintain balance even on challenging slopes and rough terrain. This is achieved by means of the wide wheelbase and the specialist 15 inch deep-tread turf tires.

How does it work?

Operation of the spreader is controlled by a simple on-off control level which opens and closes the slide plate at the bottom of the hopper. Make sure the lever is in the ‘off’ position whilst you get set up.

Adjust the calibration indicator button (settings are from 1 to 10) in order to set the application rate required. The documentation supplied by Precision includes a detailed table giving the appropriate setting for most of the leading brands/products that you will use. In case your brand is not covered, you are also give standard settings for various materials, e.g. fertilizer, grass seed etc. As an illustration, these are the recommended settings for various grass seeds:

  • Blue Grass – 3
  • Bent Grass – 3
  • Fine Mixture – 10
  • Coarse seed (e.g. Rye, Fescue, Bermuda) – 10
Tow behind broadcast spreader - Precision Products 130lb with rain cover

Tow behind broadcast spreader - Precision 130lb with rain cover

Be aware that once you have loaded the hopper with material, the weight of the material means that you won’t be able to adjust the calibration for a faster delivery rate (although you can make it slower).

Once you are ready, start moving forward – do not attempt to operate the spreader in reverse – and then switch the control lever to the ‘on’ position. Pull the spreader at a steady speed of about 3-4 mph and make sure you put the lever in the off position before turning or stopping.

Try to overlap each pass by about 20% so that you get even distribution and no misses. It is recommended that you do your edges and borders first and then fill in the middle section.

You may get the best coverage if you work in a criss-cross pattern, first spreading up and down in one direction and then across at 90 degrees to the first direction. If you do this, you should adjust the application rate to by halving the calibration setting number.

When you’ve finished water in the fertilizer, if that is what you have been spreading. Make sure you empty the hopper and then give the spreader a good hose down. Use WD40 or similar to lubricate and protect all visible metal and moving parts such as the spinner shaft and slide plate. Grease the gear box but don’t over-pack with grease.

Does it need assembly?

Yes, assembly is required. There are around 50 components to put together, but the actual tasks involved are mainly bolting parts together and inserting pins, washers and screws. Like all such tasks, if you are organised, take your time and follow the instructions, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

Any downsides?

You may need to obtain a separate agitator for the bottom of the hopper for spreading fine grass seed. You also need to keep your eye on the locking clip that keeps the on-off lever in position, as some users report that it can slip, causing the spreader to open inadvertently.

Main benefits

This Precision tow behind broadcast spreader is a tough and durable unit made from quality materials. The control mechanisms are responsive and easy to use and the strong metal-encased gear mechanism gives users confidence that this is a product that will last. Finally, Precision’s tow-behind broadcast spreaders are made for stability, so that they can be used on some of the most uneven terrain. You’re unlikely to get anything better for the money.


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John Albino April 17, 2013 at 3:51 am

I have a 130 pound pull behind spreader. I broke the two piece hitch part that bolts (2) on the pull arm. Where can I buy a replacment?

Thank you.


Bob George May 11, 2013 at 9:03 am

I did not get any instruction manual in the box, does anyone have info on what setting to use for proper application of fertilizer with the “Rugid 130# Broadcast spreader” I just got at tractor supply.


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