John Deere toys and tractors – for kids big and small

John Deere toy tractors are undoubtedly the stuff of most kids’ birthday or holiday dreams. In fact I count myself as one of those big kids and my 3 year old is the one who is going to benefit from the dream. As soon as I saw the John Deere Peg Perego ride on toys, I knew they had to feature in Lawn Tractor Buyers Guide.

John Deere toy tractors

But once I started researching a bit further I realised that there is a whole array of fantastic John Deere licensed toys that also deserved a mention. I have to say that there is a risk of this category getting out of hand and taking over the whole site if I’m not careful. But hopefully, I can include here a reasonable selection of great toys that you and your kids will love.

The John Deere history reaches right back to 1837 and the green and yellow John Deere colors and the deer logo are always sure signs of the high standards of engineering excellence for which John Deere is renowned.

It is therefore no surprise that John Deere should team up with a number of other leaders in their field for the creation of a stunning range of ride on and other toys.

The Italian Peg Perego company has been making prams, strollers and baby carriages since 1949, when Giuseppe Perego put a carriage together for his son. It so impressed the neighbors that they all wanted one.

Gradually the company moved into pedal cars and other toys and it now makes replica ride-ons for the likes of Vespa, Ducati and, of course, John Deere.

Just check out how great the Peg Perego John Deere battery operated ride on range is!

Not unlike Giuseppe Perego, Henk ven den Berg started making pedal go-karts in his father’s barn as a 16 year old boy. 25 years later Henk’s company, Berg Toys is a world leader in go-kart market and has teamed up with John Deere to make some very fine John Deere liveried carts.

All the John Deere ride on toys we feature here, including the wonderful John Deere toy tractors are easily available online through our links to Have fun surveying the great Deere range.

Berg John Deere Automatic Freewheel Pedal Go-Kart 03.73.22

John Deere Toys and Tractors

This Berg John Deere Automatic Freewheel Pedal Go-Kart 03.73.22John Deere Berg go-kart really does take pole position in the pedal go-kart arena. Part of the Berg classic range, it is styled for speed with its aerodynamic shape and front spoiler, yet at the same times, its all terrain tires and swing axle let it go […]

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John Deere Gator Toy by Peg Perego

John Deere Toys and Tractors

The battery powered ride-on John Deere Gator Toy for Kids This fantastic Peg Perego Usa John Deere Gator Hpx is a battery powered replica of John Deere’s famous Gator vehicle. Made by the supreme Italian toy stylists Peg Perego, this will keep your kids happy for hours whilst making them look decidedly cool too. Features […]

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